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Free Skit – Spread the Seed

Hasn’t happened in a while, but it did today. Heard a new insight in an old Bible story this morning in church, and that insight led to a new monologue.

Spread some seed this week, wherever you are.

Share and enjoy.

Spread the Seed
By John Cosper

THEME: Parable of the Sower

Millie – A city woman now living on a farm (Monologue)

Millie enters, looking like Eva Gabor from Green Acres.

It was just about a year ago, Harry came home from work with this big, dopey grin on his face. “I did it! “ he says. “I finally did it!”

“You did what?” I ask him.

“I quit my job,” he says. “I sold the apartment. I bought us a farm in Upstate. We move in a month.”

“Are you kidding me?” I say. “You? On a farm? What are you gonna do on a farm?”

He tells me we’re gonna live off the land. We’re gonna raise crops. We’re gonna sell ‘em at the local market, barter for the things we need, and farewell to the things we don’t. Department store credit cards. Valet parking. Reddit. It’s all gotta go.

I says to him, “Harry, valet and Reddit I can do without. But what makes you think you got the green thumb? The only plants we ever had were two plastic palms, and you killed ‘em both!”

Well, there’s no arguing with Harry when he sets his mind to something. A month later, we say goodbye to the city. We move out to a thirty acre farm outside Corning. Day one, he gets up, puts on bib overalls and a straw hat like he’s Old MacDonald. He finds this patch of dirt and starts tossing corn out on the ground.

“How do you know the corn’s gonna grow there?” I ask. “You never farmed a day in your life!”

He tells me, “This is the good soil! It’s gotta grow here!”

I look around and see a patch of weeds growing by an old water pump. I see a gravel pile by the barn, and a driveway leading to the garage.

“Harry,” I says, “I bet you I can grow more seeds in the weeds, the rocks, and the driveway than you can!”

“Ha!” he says. “You can’t sow seed there!” But he humors me. He gives me a fist full of corn. So I drop some in the weeds. I spread some on the gravel. I toss some on the driveway.

Six months later, wouldn’t you know who won the pony? Harry’s corn sprouted all right, but a bunch of rabbits showed up in July and ate them down to the ground. Meanwhile I get two dozen ears from the corn sown in the weeds and four dozen from the gravel. I woulda had a bunch more on the driveway, but that deadbeat dad of his shows up Fourth of July and parks his RV over my crop for the next month.

Just last week, Bentley Mains, our Sunday School teacher in our little country church, was talking about the sower planting seed. He spread some in the rocks, some in the weeds, some on the path, and some in the good soil. “We all gotta be good soil,” he says. “So God can grow in our hearts.”

Judy Finch, our neighbor down in the holler, asks him, “If God wants us to be good soil, why did the sower toss seed in the weeds and the rocks and on the path?”

I smiled and told her, “Because sometimes, they surprise you. Sometimes the seed grows in the weeds. Sometimes it grows in the gravel. Sometimes it grows on the driveway. God wants us to be generous with where we sow, because it might be difficult to grow in the weeds, but it’s not impossible.”

It’s planting season, and Harry’s out there again. He tilled the soil. He fertilized it. He put a fence around it. Maybe he’ll get a good crop out of the good soil this season. I’ve already sown my crop in the weeds, in the rocks, and on the path. Maybe I won’t get lucky again, but I did it to remind myself that we need to sow seed everywhere. Be generous where you sow. Sometimes God will surprise you, and sometimes even the seed sown on the driveway will grow. You just need a little sun, a little prayer, and a couple saw horses to keep your father-in-law from parking on your corn all summer long.

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Free Skit – A Wacky Little Devil

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted a freebie. This is a classic, and a reminder what a devious enemy we have.

I’ve also posted a video of the skit on YouTube below the script.

Share and enjoy.

A Wacky Little Devil
By John Cosper

THEME: Satan

Glen and Mike – Young guys, roommates
Satan- Their “wacky” roommate
Laura – A smart girl

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s nothing new that the devil has become a parody in our society. It’s also no secret to those who are in Christ that this is exactly the way he wants it. If there’s nothing (and no one) to fear, then why does a person need Jesus? Satan wins by making himself a joke. We as Christians need to remember – and remind others of – the term Peter used to describe him: the enemy.

A counter is stage right. A desk with a swivel chair is stage left. Satan, in a red suit and horns and tail, sits in the swivel chair, facing upstage. Glen is at the counter with an empty box of cereal, trying to pour some. Mike enters.

GLEN: Mike, how many times do I have to tell you? Don’t eat the last of my cereal and put the empty box back!
MIKE: I didn’t eat your cereal!
GLEN: You didn’t?
MIKE: You know I hate that cereal. It’s disgusting.
GLEN: Well if you didn’t eat it, and I didn’t eat it, who did?

Both guys sigh.


Satan swivels around. He laughs.

SATAN: (doing a Paul Lynde impression) Oh, I am such a devil!

A catching theme song plays.
JINGLE: He’s a naughty little devil and that’s a fact.
A little bit silly and kinda wacked.
He’ll make you laugh on a gloomy day
He’s the devil, he’s the devil, and he’s okay!

Song ends.

GLEN: Satan, did you eat my cereal and put the box back?
SATAN: I cannot tell a lie. Oh who am I kidding? I’m the father of lies.
GLEN: You know I need my breakfast in the morning!
SATAN: I’m sorry, Glen. The devil made me do it.
MIKE: You are the devil.
SATAN: I know. Aren’t I a naughty boy?
GLEN: Whatever. I’ll grab a donut on my way in.
SATAN: Have a good day, Glen!
MIKE: Bye.

Glen exits.
MIKE: Now, Satan, my new girlfriend is coming by. You promise not to embarrass me?
SATAN: Mike, when have I ever embarrassed you?
MIKE: Well, there was the time you switched my Coke with rum at grandma’s birthday. And the time you got me to date two girls at once and they found out about it. And graduation night.
SATAN: Ohh, did I do that?
MIKE: Look, just promise to be nice, will ya?
SATAN: And if I do, what do I get in return?
MIKE: What do you want?
SATAN: Oh, I dunno… Your eternal soul? (wacky laugh) Ha ha ha ha.

There’s a knock on the door.

MIKE: Okay, fine, have my soul. Just don’t embarrass me.
SATAN: You won’t even know I’m here.

Satan exits. Mike answers the door. Laura enters.

MIKE: Hey, honey.
LAURA: Morning. Looks like someone forgot to shower.
MIKE: I just got back from my run.
LAURA: Mike, this is a nice place.
MIKE: Thanks.
LAURA: Did you decorate this yourself?
MIKE: No, my roommate did.
LAURA: Glen? He decorated this?
MIKE: No, not him. My other roommate.
LAURA: You keep mentioning this other roommate, but you don’t say much about him. Is he here?
MIKE: I think he went out.

There’s a loud crash off stage.

LAURA: What was that?
MIKE: Oh, that must be Glen in the kitchen.
LAURA: That can’t be. I saw Glen on his way downstairs. Looked like he was in a hurry too.

Another loud banging.

LAURA: Is that the third guy?
MIKE: Yeah, I guess it is him.
LAURA: Well can I meet him?
MIKE: Oh, you don’t want to meet him.
LAURA: Yes I do!
MIKE: Really, he’s a bit anti-social. And he smells bad. I mean like sulfur.
LAURA: Come on, it can’t be that bad.

Satan enters with two plates of chocolate cake.

SATAN: Good morning, kids. Anyone care for a Me-Food Cake?
MIKE: Oh no.
LAURA: What kind of cake is it?
SATAN: Me-Food. Oh, excuse me, I believe you would call it Devil’s Food. Ha ha ha ha. (slaps Mike on the arm) Well go on, ya big palooka. Introduce us!
MIKE: Laura, this is my roommate Lucifer.
LAURA: Lucifer?
SATAN: Lucifer. Satan. The Devil. When you get to know me better, you can call me by my old college nickname, Scooter.
LAURA: Your roommate is the devil?
SATAN: (nudging Mike) Only when he forgets to clean the bathroom. Ha ha ha. Just joking. He’s no devil. I am.
LAURA: But… but THE devil?
SATAN: In the third degree burned flesh. (hands a plate of cake to Laura) You want some milk to go with that cake?
LAURA: I, uh…
SATAN: Wait right here.

Satan runs off.

MIKE: Sorry, I wanted to prepare you for–
LAURA: That’s the devil.
MIKE: Yep.
LAURA: Lucifer. Satan. Hades!
MIKE: Yeah, that’s Scooter.
LAURA: Mike, how long have you been living with the devil?
MIKE: I dunno, four years, maybe five?
LAURA: Don’t you know he’s dangerous?
MIKE: You’re kidding, right?
SATAN: (off stage) Hey, who drank all of my Slim Fasts?
MIKE: I’ll admit, he’s a little eccentric. He’s got a morbid sense of humor. (beat) And he’s a filthy liar. But you’ve met the guy. He’s harmless as a kitten.
LAURA: You don’t get it, do you? He makes you think he’s this sweet, cuddly guy, lures you into a false sense of security – and them bam! He hits you when you least expect it.
MIKE: With what, his copy of The Lake House?

Satan enters with a glass of milk.

SATAN: Oh, I know you’re not making fun of my favorite book again.
MIKE: No, never.
SATAN: Here you go, honey.

Laura takes the milk.

LAURA: Thank – oh wow, it’s hot.
SATAN: Again? Darn. That walk from the fridge to hear is just too far. I can’t ever seem to serve anything cold. Remember that ice cream bar at Glen’s birthday?
MIKE: How could I forget? The carpet cleaning cost over three thousand bucks.
SATAN: Lucky for you, Glen had the money to pay for it. Even luckier, he sold me his soul to get the money to pay for it.

Satan exits, giggling.

MIKE: He’s a card, isn’t he?

Laura sets down the cake and glass and grabs Mike’s arm.

LAURA: Mike, you need to get out with me. Now!
MIKE: Laura, this is my place.
LAURA: And you’re in grave danger as long as that thing is around.
SATAN: (off) Hey, who’s been using my Paula Deen cookbook? It didn’t walk off by itself!
MIKE: Yeah, he’s real dangerous.
LAURA: Fine. You stay here and see what happens. I’m leaving.

Laura storms for the door.

MIKE: Come on, Laura. (standing) Laura, wait!

Mike exits after her. Satan enters.

SATAN: I’m gonna fix some salad for lunch. How many should I…

Satan sees everyone is gone. There’s a squeal of tires off stage. Satan rushes to the window and looks out. He then walks to the desk and the phone, and picks up the phone.

SATAN: (drops the Paul Lynde act; very serious, business-like) It’s me. The first one should be down any second. Expect the other one by dinner. You know what to do.


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Free Skit: David Had a Bad Boss

Because we’ve all had one. Share and enjoy.

David Had a Bad Boss
By John Cosper


David – After he killed the giant, but before he was king
A Servant

David walks on stage and speaks to the audience. He should be close enough to the side of the stage that objects can be thrown at him. Objects can include weapons, tools, office equipment, food, whatever you find convenient and easy to toss.

DAVID: Some times it’s hard to believe that God is in control. Especially at work, right? I was talking to my brother Jimmy the other day. He’s an accountant, and his boss is the meanest guy. Complete and total jerk. Makes Jimmy work Saturdays. Makes Jimmy do a ton of reports that have nothing to do with his job. He even makes Jimmy run out and get his coffee every day. But what can Jimmy do? He’s got a family to support, and he doesn’t want to go back to the family business.

David looks off stage. He sees an object of some kind flying at him. He ducks. Then he casually goes on with his talk.

DAVID: Jimmy chose accounting because he got tired of that life. You see, my Dad’s a shepherd, and all of us were taught to be shepherds. From an early age, we had to learn how to lead sheep, how to feed them, care for them. Even how to fend off wolves. It’s not easy to peg a wolf right between the eyes with a stone at the tender age of five, but guess what?

David looks off. He ducks another flying object.

DAVID: It’s part of the job. But that’s any job, right? There are things you like, and there are things you don’t like. But whatever the job, you’re there for a reason. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first, second, third, or even tenth choice for a career. God has a plan, and that plan has led you…

David ducks another flying object.

DAVID: It’s led you to your own place of employment. Believe me, I never expected I would be where I am. I was happy being a shepherd. It’s hard work, but I had a lot of time to do what I loved – song writing. Then one day, me and my mad sling skills take down a giant, and my whole world gets turned upside down. It’s not like it was a big deal. Like I said, I had to take a wolf down at age five. A giant is a much bigger, much easier target. But all of a sudden, I’m a hero. Now I’m living in the palace, working in the army, and serving the king – which is no walk in the park. Don’t get me wrong, I love the king. He even lets me play the harp for him. But he has this annoying habit–

David ducks another object, then another one.

DAVID: He likes to throw things at me. For no reason whatsoever. I’ll be in the middle of a song and all of a sudden, there’s a spear or a rock or an… an avocado flying at my head. And of course I can’t throw things back. Not only is he my boss, he’s the king. I throw back, I’m not just fired. I’m a dead man!

A servant walks on, walking toward David.

DAVID: No, this is not where I saw my life going. Never in my wildest dreams. But as much as I know I’d be happy, sitting on a hill side, watching sheep, and strumming my harp, I know this is the plan God has for me. God put me here with these people, with that boss for a reason.

David ducks another object. As he ducks, the servant gets nailed and drops straight to the ground. David helps him up.

DAVID: You okay?
SERVANT: Yeah. Thanks, man.

The Servant gets up and walks off.

DAVID: It’s not my plan. It’s God’s plan. And while it’s not what I would have wanted… (thinks, pausing for a moment) I don’t smell like sheep poop any more.

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Free Skit: R-Rated Movies

Rated R Movies
By John Cosper

THEME: Serving God

A Bus Driver (Unseen)
Heather- A Christian woman
Beth and Laura- Christian friends with an axe to grind

The setting is a public bus/train/subway. Heather sits in the middle of a 3-seat bench. A driver’s voice is heard over the speaker as Beth and Laura enter, carrying picked signs. The Driver’s voice is heard on a speaker.
DRIVER: Now stopping on Spring Street. Next stop, Elm Street.
Beth and Laura sit.
BETH: I can’t believe we’re doing this.
LAURA: I can’t believe we have to do this.
BETH: You’re right. We shouldn’t be here.
LAURA: They caused this. It wasn’t us.
BETH: And we have to respond.
LAURA: Yes, we have to respond.
BETH: To think that a studio that brought us quality, family films like Doggy Hero and Kittens on Parade would produce a rated R movie?
LAURA: It makes you sick!
BETH: What were they thinking? People like us count on them to provide quality family films!
LAURA: We see all their movies!
BETH: We see them two or three times, and then we buy the Blu-Ray!
LAURA: George and I have started getting the digital copies.
BETH: See, I don’t like that. I want to have the disc in hand. I mean what if the Internet dies out?
LAURA: Oh, but it’s so nice. You don’t have all those movies stacked up on the tables and the shelves.
BETH: I don’t like the clutter either. But since the studio’s decided to produce smut, I guess there won’t be as much going forward!
LAURA: They can’t do this to us! We are not going to accept this!
BETH: Our kids are not seeing this movie!
LAURA: And neither are we!
BETH: Actually I did.
Laura gasps.
BETH: I had to screen it for the website to let everyone know how smutty it is.
LAURA: You are a true saint.
BETH: And now it’s time to be a crusader.
LAURA: Down with smut!
BETH: Down with rated R movies!
LAURA: The church is taking a stand, and the whole world’s going to know!
Pause. Heather looks at Laura and Beth.
HEATHER: Y’all are Christians?
LAURA: Yes we are.
HEATHER: Me too.
LAURA: You must be headed to the theater, huh?
HEATHER: No, no. This is my stop coming up. I’m helping some folks hand out soup and coats to the homeless.
Long pause. The bus comes to a halt. Heather gets up and exits.
DRIVER: Now stopping on Elm. Next stop, Culbertson.
BETH: Well, not everyone has the courage to stand for Jesus.

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Free Script: The RI Curtain Speech

I had someone email me this week asking about this script, so I thought I would re-post it. This is the curtain speech we used for some time when Righteous Insanity had a touring group out on the road. Share and enjoy!

Righteous Insanity’s Curtain Speech

(Feel free to adapt and use this as it suits your needs.)

SPEAKER- Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is [insert name here], and on behalf of Righteous Insanity we’d like to welcome you to [insert church name here] and tonight’s production, [insert play name here]. Before we begin tonight’s performance, there are a few things we would like to go over.

(An actor walks out on stage.)

SPEAKER- First of all, there is no smoking in this auditorium. We ask this not only for the sake of our other guests, but for your own safety, as failure to comply with this stipulation may result in your being embarrassed by one of our actors who will respond thus.

(The actor starts choking, over-exaggerated, disgusting sounding choking, pointing to someone accusingly as if they are a smoker.)

ACTOR- Murderer!

(The actor flops over dead; then stands back up as the Speaker continues.)

SPEAKER- Secondly, we ask that there will be no flash photography, as this is not only disruptive to our guests, but it generally provokes another adverse reaction from our actors.

(The speaker flashes a flash cube at the Actor.)


SPEAKER- Ugly, isn’t it? Of course if you think that’s bad, you should see what they do when cell phones and beepers go off, so I’d advise you to put those devices on silent mode as well. Furthermore, we ask that there be no food or drink brought into the auditorium. (The speaker tosses an apple at someone in the audience.) Again, ladies and gentlemen, this is for your safety.

(The Actor wrestles the apple away from the audience member.)

ACTOR- Gimme it!! Me so hungry!!

(The Actor starts eating the apple like a rodent, with more food dropping out of his/her mouth than staying in.)

SPEAKER- I might add that our actors are on a strict diet, and therefore we ask that you do not feed them. Do not attempt to pet the actors either, as they are prone to bite.

(The Actor pauses from his apple to bare his teeth.)

SPEAKER- We ask at this time that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with the emergency exits located in the building.

(The Actor turns into a steward/stewardess, doing the airline safety hand gesture routine as the Speaker continues on.)

SPEAKER- The exits are located [point out the exits]. We’d also ask that you make sure all safety belts are fastened. To fasten the belt, please insert the flat piece into the larger, and adjust the strap. If you need to get up for any reason, pull on the lever, and the strap will come lose. If this theater should become submerged in water, your seat cushion will act as a flotation device. And if the theater should become depressurized, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. To put on the mask, simply pull the hose to it’s full length to start the flow of oxygen, secure the mask around your face with the elastic, and breathe normally. Of course if you’re too scared to breathe normally, you can always scream like a little girl.

(The Actor screams like a little girl to demonstrate.)

SPEAKER- If you have small children, we’d ask that you secure your own mask first and let the little brats fend for themselves. Our performance today will last approximately an hour. If at the end of regulation the play should end in a tie, then we will go into sudden death overtime.

(Gunshot from the rear of the auditorium. The Actor grabs his/her chest, falls dead. Stage hands come out and drag the body off.)

SPEAKER- And now, ladies and gentlemen, Righteous Insanity proudly presents, [insert show name].

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Free Skit: Where Is Hope?

Where is Hope?
by John Cosper

Ed- a guy paranoid about disease, terrorism, sharks, clones, etc.
Joe- A business man laid off at Christmas
Lisa- A hopelessly single young woman
Paige- A mother whose husband died September 11

(Ed enters in a hazmat suit.)

ED- Oh sure. Go ahead and laugh. Go ahead. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Because in the end, I’ll be alive and you’ll be… not alive. So there! Yeah, I hear the government tell me not to panic. Go about your business as usual. So people go back to work, back to the ball game. Back to the movies, never knowing when they’re going to turn a corner and run right into a… a… a giant… killer… clone… landshark… with anthrax! It could happen! I’ve seen the research on gene manipulation, and we all know it isn’t safe to open the mail any more. Just the other day–

(Joe enters.)

ED & JOE- I got a letter–

JOE- From my dear employer. The place I’ve worked for nearly fifteen years. That’s unheard of in most industries, and near impossible in telecom. But I’ve been there a long time, worked hard to get where I am. And I was proud of the work that I did. In an industry where customer service is usually farmed out, I built a top notch CS group rated number one in the country. The churn rate was one third the industry standard thanks to the hard working people I trained and managed. So naturally, when the boss called me in I was thinking Christmas bonus all the way. Then I opened the envelope.

(Lisa enters, holding her cell phone.)

JOE & LISA- And you know what it said?

LISA- “Lisa, Not sure how to say this so thought I’d write. I think we should see other people. Sorry. Merry Christmas. Ryan.” I was so stunned, I couldn’t even finish my dinner. There I sat, in Red Lobster, with my parents and grandparents, all there to meet the man of my dreams. And the scum bag breaks up with me. No– With my cell phone! He broke up with me in a text message. I should have known something was up–

(Paige enters.)

LISA & PAIGE- –when he didn’t call.

PAIGE- Jim was up and at work in his New York office before the sun shone on our little Seattle home, but it was tradition for him to call and wish the kids a good day before school when he was out of town. The kids were rather disappointed that morning not to hear from him, but it wasn’t the first time. I assured him he was probably caught in a meeting and couldn’t get away. I sent them out the door, poured my morning coffee, and settled in on the couch.

PAIGE & ED- I couldn’t believe what I saw.

ED- Now I not only have to worry about anthrax, sharks, and clones, but these terrorists have nuclear bombs? Who’s selling them the stuff? And if they’re crafty enough to build nukes, what’s to say they won’t do something even more drastic… like bringing back disco.

ED & JOE- Talk about a major shocker!

JOE- And with two weeks before Christmas. I and my entire department, 43 people, were out the door. Two weeks severance, no Christmas bonus. “We’re in a recession,” the lady from HR reminded me. I can’t blame her for what happened. Hers is an even more unpleasant job than customer care. But I wanted someone to hear my complaints. It’s not smart to get rid of such a valuable department. But more than that, it’s not right to fire people at Christmas. For the first time in my professional life–

JOE & LISA- I felt completely alone.

LISA- Truth be told, I expected that night to end with Ryan on one knee, asking me to be his bride. But once again, I would be spending Christmas alone, waking up with only my cats to say Merry Christmas to. Then once I had bathed and unwrapped a gift or two I bought for myself, I’d go to my parents house, and watch my married siblings’ eyes twinkle as their children played with the gifts Santa brought.

LISA & PAIGE- The children…

PAIGE- How was I supposed to tell the children? They would probably already know by the time I reached them. Tears burned my eyes as I drove to the school, the horrid image of the burning buildings where my husband… I couldn’t even complete the thought in my mind. He couldn’t be… I had to keep some semblance of hope. For the kids. For my husband. For my own sanity. But my faith was shattered that morning.

PAIGE & ED- What has happened to our world?

ED- It’s no longer a safe place for a guy to trot down to the 7-11 to buy his weekly comics and a Slurpee. If I so much as see someone with a tan, I hold my breath and make a beeline for the door.

ED & JOE- How can anyone expect me to go on with life as usual?

JOE- Santa’s entire budget was based on that annual Christmas bonus. Now that’s gone, and with only two weeks severance, I’ll be depending on unemployment by–

JOE & LISA- New Year’s Day.

LISA- I don’t even want to think about that holiday right now. Another New Year without a midnight kiss. Every year, I think this is surely going to be the last one I spend alone. But every year, it gets harder to believe that I’ll ever find that special someone.

LISA & PAIGE- I’m so afraid of being alone.

PAIGE- Of having to work all the time, and not being as involved in the lives of my children. And I don’t want to raise them without a father. But we can’t even put Jim to rest. His body has yet to be identified. And until it is, the insurance company won’t give us a dime.

ED- The doctor says my worry is causing ulcers. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about. But in this crazy world, how can I ever relax again?

JOE- No one hires new employees in December. But we’re now officially in a recession. How long will it be before I can find another job?

LISA- People tell me the more I worry about finding love, the less likely it is to come along. People should mind their own business. Or get me a mail order groom.

PAIGE- They say Christmas is a time of hope. But how can I pass hope on to my children when I don’t have any of my own?

ED- My only hope is that I don’t get any anthrax in my stocking.

JOE- I just hope I can find a way to give my kids a Christmas this year.

LISA- I have a really nice men’s watch and a Cleveland Browns sweater. Any takers? Anyone?

PAIGE- Gifts are not a problem. We’ve got a tree surrounded by presents this year. From family, friends, even total strangers. But my kids and I would trade them all just to have Jim back with us.

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Free Skit for Father’s Day

A little something I was inspired to write after going to church with my son this morning. Father’s Day has always seemed like more of a skit day than Mother’s Day, so here you go!

Just Like Dad
By John Cosper

THEME: Fathers and Sons

A stage hand

Dad and Sam enter.
DAD: I love Star Wars!
SAM: I love Star Wars!
DAD: Star Wars is awesome!
SAM: Star Wars is awesome!
DAD: Do you know which move I love best?
SAM: All of them!
DAD: You’re darn right all of them!
SAM: Star Wars is the best!
DAD: Star Wars is the best!
A stage hand walks on and hands Dad a bag with two cheeseburgers inside.
DAD: I love burgers!
SAM: I love burgers!
DAD: I love cheeseburgers.
SAM: Cheeeeeeeseburgers!
Dad hands Sam a cheeseburger.
DAD: Cheeseburgers are the best!
SAM: The best!
They both take a bite.
DAD: Pickles? I hate pickles!
SAM: Pickles, yuck!
They pull the pickles out of their sandwiches and throw them on the stage. They look at each other.
DAD/SAM: Don’t tell Mom!
The stage hand brings out two chairs, setting them one in front of the other but offset. The stage hand takes the burgers away. Dad and Sam mime getting into a car. Dad starts the car.
DAD: I love the radio.
SAM: I love to rock!
DAD: I love Guns N Roses.
SAM: I love this song!
DAD: (sings) Take me down to the Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.
SAM: (sings) Oh won’t you please take me home!
Dad pretends to honk the horn.
DAD: (angry) Hey, watch where you’re going, jerk! You wanna get is all killed? Where did you learn to drive? What is wrong with you people? Can’t you read a stop sign? I hate people like you! I hate you all!
SAM: I hate you all! I hate you all!
Dad’s eyes widen. He realizes what he’s said.
SAM: You’re nothing but a bunch of jerks! And, and, and… booger heads!
DAD: No, they’re not.
SAM: They’re not booger heads?
DAD: I’m the booger head.
SAM: No you’re not. They’re the—
DAD: Sam, I’m sorry. That’s not how we should talk to others.
SAM: It’s not?
DAD: Jesus loves them.
SAM: Jesus loves them.
DAD: He loves everyone, even when they mess up.
SAM: He loves everyone. Even you, Dad.
DAD: Jesus loves you.
SAM: Jesus loves you.
DAD: Jesus loves everybody.
SAM: Jesus loves everybody.
DAD: We need to love them like Jesus.
SAM: Love them like Jesus!
Dad starts driving again.
SAM: Dad, Jesus loves Guns N Roses, right?
DAD: Yes, I’m sure he does.
SAM: Jesus loves everybody!
DAD: I love you, buddy.
SAM: I love you too!

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Free Skit – The Orthodontists

Back when I sold individual skits, this was easily one of the most popular and most requested skits in the catalog. Now its free. Enjoy!

The Orthodontists
By John Cosper

THEME: Church Leadership

Mandy, Candy, Sandy, and Randy- Followers of Jesus
Darla- An unbeliever

INTRO- Can you imagine what church would be like without any leadership?

(Mandy, Candy, Sandy, and Randy run on stage cheering.}

MANDY- All right, everybody, time to set the whole world on fire!

CANDY- Jesus is alive and the way to Heaven has been opened!

SANDY- Right now, he’s on his way to Heaven to prepare a new home for all who will believe in him!
RANDY- And it’s up to his followers to spread the good news so that everyone can come to know Jesus!

MANDY- And we’re just the people to do it, ‘cause we are… we are… Uh oh!

RANDY- Oh my gosh! We don’t have a name! What are we gonna do?

CANDY- Secret ballots!

(They pull out cards and pencils, write on the cards, and pass the cards to Mandy.}

MANDY- One vote for Jesus people, one vote for Christ-ee-anns…

SANDY- Christians!

MANDY- Sorry. One vote for orthodontists, and one vote for David Duchovny.

SANDY- Wait! I want to change my vote from Christians to orthodontists!

RANDY- Then that settles it! We’re orthodontists!

ALL- Yay!!!

CANDY- All right. Where are we gonna go first?
MANDY- Let’s go to the Coliseum!

SANDY- The Coliseum? No way. Let’s go to the Temple.

MANDY- Are you crazy? We’ll get lynched if we go to the Temple!

RANDY- I’ve got it. (pulls out a quarter} We’ll flip a coin.

CANDY- How come you’re flipping the coin?

RANDY- Because I’ve got one!

CANDY- You flipped it the last time!


CANDY- You can’t flip it every time!

SANDY- It’s not your turn either! It’s mine!

CANDY- Is not!

RANDY- All right! Secret ballots!

(They pull out cards and pencils, write on the cards, and pass the cards to Mandy.}

MANDY- One vote for Sandy, one vote for Randy, one vote for Candy, and one vote for Mandy.

SANDY- Mandy?

MANDY- Hey, maybe I wanna flip a coin, too!

(Darla enters from stage right and stands, looking off. The rest look at her.}

RANDY- Whoa! Check it out! It’s an unbelieving heathen!

CANDY- Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! What’ll we do?

(Sandy shoves Candy towards Candy.}

SANDY- You go talk to her!


SANDY- Come on, get over there!

CANDY- I’m not going! I’m…I’m not prepared for this! Let Mandy do it!

CANDY- You’re the one who counts all the votes!

MANDY- So? Randy met Jesus first! Let him do it!

RANDY- No I didn’t! Sandy knew him the longest!

SANDY- Yes, but you knew him best! You followed him everywhere! You heard all the speeches, not me!

RANDY- Yeah, well…well… “C” comes before “R” alphabetically, so Candy goes first!

CANDY- I am not!

MANDY- Come on! Just go!

(Mandy shoves Candy into Darla.}

CANDY- Excuse me, ma’am.

DARLA- That’s quite all right.

RANDY- Say something to her!

SANDY- Come on, Candy, tell her!

CANDY- What do I say?

MANDY- Oooh, you’re so incompetent!

CANDY- Then you do it!

(Candy grabs Mandy by the arm and swings her into Darla.}

MANDY- Sorry!

DARLA- It’s okay.

SANDY- Go on, Mandy!

DARLA- Is something the matter?

MANDY- Have you been washed in the blood of the lamb?

DARLA- I beg your pardon?

MANDY- I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant.

DARLA- Are you trying to tell me something?

MANDY- Uhhh, yeah. Uhhh…my friends and I wanted to tell you about…the Messiah!

DARLA- What’s a Messiah?

(Mandy runs back to the group.}

SANDY- What is your problem?

MANDY- She’s asking some really hard questions!

RANDY- Maybe you better talk to her.

SANDY- Why not you?

RANDY- Okay, we’ll both do it.

SANDY- Go ahead.

RANDY- After you.

SANDY- All right. We’ll go together. On the count of three. One…two…

(Darla walks away.}

CANDY- Late! There she goes!

RANDY- You let her get away!

SANDY- Well if you weren’t so ashamed of your faith!

RANDY- Me? What about you? If you’re so holy and knowledgeable, why didn’t you take charge and talk to her yourself?

SANDY- Duh, Randy, if Jesus had intended for some one to be “in charge”, he would have appointed some one.

RANDY- Yeah, you’re probably right.

CANDY- So, where to, guys?

MANDY- Let’s just pick a direction and go.

SANDY- Cool. Which one?

(They all look at each other. Randy pulls out a spinner from a board game and spins it. They all point in the direction the arrow points.}

ALL- That way!!!

(They exit in the direction of the arrow.}

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Updated Script – How to Sit in Church

A reader created his own adaptation of the film script I posted recently, “How to Sit in Church.” For those who want to do it on stage, here’s his alternative version!

How to Sit in Church
By John Cosper and Matthew Byerly

Coach Honeycutt
Football Player (Title Card Holder)
Old Man
Old Woman
College Girl
Parents of College Girl
Lonely Guy
Angry Guy

Set Needs:
Pew or Bench (2)
Old-Fashioned Flip-style Chalkboard (with chalk and eraser)

COACH should be in uniform/track suit/jump suit. Wearing a whistle, towel hanging off his waist (both whistle and towel are used as props).
FOOTBALL PLAYER in full uniform and helmet.
All others costumed as appropriate for name/description of character. Modern dress, appropriate for church gathering.

Title Card Signs (lettered as noted in script)
swaddled baby doll

Set the stage with two benches center, one resting just behind the other. Just upstage of these, centered, is a doorway, symbolizing the door into the sanctuary. Space should be left off to one side for an area where the COACH can talk, and space should also be left behind the door, to provide an area for movement.

Sound Effect: Car pulling into a parking lot, with screeching tires. Doors open and shut, hastily.
Enter from offstage a married couple, Guy and Marsha, racing up to the doors of the church, as we hear Organ Music in the background.

MARSHA: Come on, Guy, we’re late! Hurry it up! This is so embarrassing, running behind like this…

Interior church. They walk in the back doors, and stop, a look of fear in their eyes.

MARSHA: Honey, where are we supposed to sit?
GUY: I don’t know. Why does this have to be so hard?

Sound Effect: Ominous tones (“dun-dun-dun”).
GUY and MARSHA stand frozen in their spots. A college fight song starts to play in the background, replacing the organ music. Coach enters from opposite side of stage, wheeling in chalkboard.

COACH: Finding a seat on Sunday morning can be more intimidating than solving the West Coast Offense. But it doesn’t have to be. Now I’m going to tell you something I’ve kept to myself for years. I’m Coach Honeycutt, long-time football coach, and, though I don’t often freely admit to the fact, a frequent Church attendee. Yes, yes, even the rough-and-tumble of the world need to seek respite and offer worship at a temple other than the one on the football field. Let me tell you, there was once a time where I was just as confused as anyone as to where I should plant myself during a service, seeing as I was more comfortable in the land of touchdowns than in touching heaven, and that caused a great deal of discomfort….worse than athlete’s foot, in fact. Over time, however, I learned to apply my coaching skills to figuring out how to properly handle these benches, with the least mental intimidation possible. And I’m here to help you learn the rules of the game.

FOOTBALL PLAYER runs across, carrying a sign reading “Coach Honeycutt’s Rules of the Game:
How to Sit in Church.” Stops Center stage, crosses himself holding the sign, and continues to run off to the other side of the stage.

COACH: Churches are like football teams. There are hundreds of different churches, but every one of them runs one of a few formations when it comes to seating patterns. If you want to get a good seat in church, all you have to do is figure out what formation the church runs.

COACH has drawn a set of pews on the board.

COACH: One of the most common seating patterns is the I Formation. This is the kind of seating arrangement you’ll find in older, more traditional churches. With the I Formation, people sit in the same seat every week.

COACH marks X’s on the board.

COACH: Some sit on the ends. Some in the middle. Some in the front, and some in the back. And woe be unto you if you sit in someone else’s seat.

GUY and MARSHA unfreeze; they sit down in an empty pew. OLD LADY is sitting on the end of other pew. OLDER MAN enters, stands next to GUY and MARSHA.

OLDER MAN: I’m sorry, but this is my seat.
GUY: But there are dozens of empty seats in here!
OLDER MAN: So find one and get out of MY seat!

COACH takes over dialogue. As he is speaking, GUY and MARSHA stand up, move offstage. At the same time, OLD LADY exits through the doors.

COACH: The I Formation can be intimidating, but once you learn the patterns, you’ll not only avoid taking someone else’s seat, you’ll establish your own. Choose carefully, because you’ll likely be sitting in that seat a long time.

OLD LADY (V.O.): No, I will not sit in another seat. This was my momma’s seat, and it was my grandma’s before her. I don’t care what you say, I’m not moving!
MARSHA (V.O.): But this seat’s not even in the sanctuary any more.

Sound Effect: toilet flushing; stall door opening.

OLD LADY (V.O.): I can hear it all over the intercom.

FOOTBALL PLAYER runs across, carrying a sign reading “Second Play – Flush Analysis.” Stops Center stage, crosses himself holding the sign, and continues to run off to the other side of the stage.
COACH draws a set of pews where the end seats are filled with X’s and the middle of the pews is empty.

COACH: Another common strategy found in older churches is the Wishbone formation. In the Wishbone, people take the aisle seats here, and here, leaving the middle wide open. If you have a tendency to run late, this can be a tricky formation to deal with. And if you show up with a large family, you better hope to find a friendly face on the end.

GUY and MARSHA re-enter through Church door. OLD MAN and OLD WOMAN are in front pew, on opposite ends. COLLEGE GIRL and LONELY GUY are on second pew, more centered, obviously not leaving enough room in center or on ends for the couple to sit down. GUY and MARSHA walk up to OLD MAN on the end of the aisle.

GUY: Excuse me, sir, can we—

The OLD MAN growls like a dog. GUY and MARSHA back away.

COACH: (clears throat to call attention back to him) The Wishbone is also known as the field goal formation.

FOOTBALL PLAYER runs across downstage, carrying a football; suddenly cries out “HAIL MARY!,” and tosses the ball between the people sitting on the pews, who promptly jump up and lift their arms in the air signaling a good field goal. FOOTBALL PLAYER does a little dance, crosses himself, and continues to run off to the other side of the stage.

COACH: (casting a sideways glance, rolling his eyes at the action onstage) Or, the spread offense. (pronounce as in taking offense) Heh heh, sorry, I mean the spread offense. (said like the football term) The best way to beat the spread is to arrive early – and sit in the middle.

As COACH is speaking, GUY and MASHA find their way to the middle of the pew, as others in scene sit down slowly.

FOOTBALL PLAYER (V.O.): Omaha, Green 80, Green 80, Hut-Hut!

A football flies onstage and hits MARSHA in the face.

MARSHA: Oh, my nose!
OLD LADY: Funny….don’t you remember the same thing happening to Jan a while back?

FOOTBALL PLAYER runs across, carrying a sign reading “Options Open” Stops Center stage, crosses himself holding the sign, and continues to run off to the other side of the stage.
COACH makes another drawing on the on the board. There are a few X’s spread across a pew.

COACH: If you want something simple and easy, look for a church that runs the Option formation. The Option is much easier for the new attendee to navigate. Here’s how it works.

COACH draws lines on the board to indicate patterns – lots of arrows, circles, etc., delivers dialogue as drawing

COACH: The guests enter the back room, walk down to the pew. The people sitting in the pew go in motion. Young couple slides down, causing the lonely guy mid pew to slide over, where he meets nice young college grad girl sitting with her folks. The result of the play, the new folks get a seat, and mom and dad get a break on lunch when lonely guy asks their girl to go to the buffet.

In speeded up motion, we see GUY and MARSHA walk down the aisle. The people seated jump up, shuffle seats, and end up bunched in the middle, with the COLLEGE GIRL sitting beside or on the LONELY GUY’s lap. Once everyone’s seated, LONELY GUY gives the crowd a thumbs up.

COACH: (blows whistle to call focus) ahem….Some churches run a variation on the option package designed for families with small children. In this pattern, the back pews of the church are bypassed by the majority of attendees, leaving them open for people with young children or crying babies who are prone to disruptions or may need a quick trip to the potty. This pattern is known as “backfield in motion.”

In church setting, GUY and MARSHA sit, in front pew. A man sits on the other side of GUY. MARSHA holds a baby. The baby cries. The man on the end hops out as if blocking for GUY. GUY races around the pew. MARSHA hands off the baby. GUY runs out the door, runs into the lobby, lifting his arms and the baby in the air. He goes to spike the baby like a football….

COACH: Stop!!!! (blows whistle)

COACH draws a stick figure on the board holding a baby stick figure in the air. He draws a circle around the drawing and a line through it.

COACH: Remember, never spike the baby. Again, sir, NEVER SPIKE THE BABY!

GUY tucks the baby in his arm and walks on offstage. COACH walks to front of pew as he speaks, takes a seat.

COACH: So there you have it. Every church has a different way of doing things, but the better you learn to identify the seating strategy in your own church, the less intimidating Sunday morning will be. Sometime, when you’re up against it and the breaks are beating your seating options, tell yourself to go out there with all you’ve got and win just one for the Gipper. As for those who cause bench anxiety for others seeking space in the pew, remember that little things matter. You don’t know who’s coming to your church for the first time, or what kind of day they’re having, or how your actions may affect them. We can all be a little more welcoming by accommodating others, and knowing where and how we pick out seats in church. I’m Coach Honeycutt—

ANGRY GUY: Hey! Get outta my pew, ya jerk!

COACH: — reminding you to, in dealing with others, ALWAYS PLAY FAIR, and never just throw in the towel!

COACH throws towel at ANGRY GUY’s face, gets up, runs out of church, as ANGRY GUY runs after him.

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Free Skit – Kill the Spider, Harry

This is a fairly recent skit, but it might be one of my favorite titles ever. Coming up with titles is my biggest weakness as a script writer, but this one? Yeah, it just feels right.

Kill the Spider, Harry
By John Cosper

Theme: Relying on Jesus (Matthew 7:7-12)

Harry and Allison – A married couple

This skit is dedicated to everyone who has ever had a problem they refused to give up to God. God is always there, and he always answers. He’s just waiting for our prayer.

Harry walks across the stage carrying a newspaper. He stops, looks down, and screams.

HARRY: Allison! Get in here!

Allison runs on.

ALLISON: What’s wrong, Harry?

HARRY: For goodness sake, look!

Allison looks down.

ALLISON: It’s a spider.

HARRY: I know it’s a spider! What’s it doing here? What terrible, horrible thing did I do that would cause a spider to enter my house?

ALLISON: Harry, it’s a spider. No big deal.

HARRY: You’re right. It’s just a spider. These things happen, and when they do, we face them head on.

ALLISON: Yes we do.

HARRY: So how do we get rid of it?

ALLISON: Well, you are holding a newspaper.

HARRY: Yeah?

ALLISON: Use the newspaper.

HARRY: What?

ALLISON: The newspaper in your hand. Use it.

HARRY: You mean… if I read it to him, he will…

ALLISON: No you don’t read it to him. You kill it!

HARRY: Kill it?

ALLISON: Roll up the newspaper and BAM! Kill it!



HARRY: Why do I need to use the newspaper?

ALLISON: Why wouldn’t you read the newspaper?

HARRY: Because. I’m a man. And a real man doesn’t need help to solve his problems.

ALLISON: A real man would realize he could do some real damage to a spider with a newspaper!

HARRY: Why do you keep on insisting I use the newspaper?

ALLISON: Why do you keep refusing?

HARRY: I’m not a weak man. I don’t need a newspaper to fight my battles for me.

ALLISON: You sure about that Harry? We’ve been fighting over this stupid spider a good minute or so, and the spider’s still there!

HARRY: I don’t need a newspaper to face my problems!

ALLISON: Then kill the spider!

HARRY: I will!


HARRY: Stop pushing me!

ALLISON: Kill the spider, Harry!

HARRY: I can’t!

Allison yanks the newspaper from his hand, gets on her knees, and smashes the spider. She stands up and hands him the newspaper. He holds it in two fingers, like holding a soiled tissue.

ALLISON: You can do it, Harry. You just need to use the newspaper.