Company Man

A business parable that’s not about business!

Are you the kind of manager who inspires a team to work hard or watch the clock? Does your attitude make the day go faster or slower for all your colleagues? Does your sales strategy have customers coming back for more, or running for the hills?

Put another way: are you the kind of Christian who draws people closer to Christ or drives them away?

William Connor is a dedicated company man who is stunned to learn that his boss is prepared to fire him for being too zealous an employee! But rather than simply showing his most loyal clock puncher the door, William’s boss gives him a chance to unlearn his over-bearing ways and re-learn what it truly means to be a company man: loving others as you love yourself.

A challenging and fun story of self-discovery, Company Man will shine a light on your own attitude about the “company” you serve and the “co-workers” that surround you. Stop driving people away! Discover how to you can attract life-long believers to your firm today – metaphorically speaking, of course.

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