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Creative Solutions for Drama Without Microphones

Two practical solutions to not having enough wireless microphones to do drama:

1. Pick scripts with smaller casts.

2. Train your actors in vocal projection.

Three creative solutions:

1. Shoot it on video. This not only eliminates the need for mics, it eliminates the problem of line memorization and people calling in sick on Sunday morning.

2. Stage your dramas in the middle of the audience (in the round) instead of way down front. Bring the actors closer to the audience any way you can.

3. Perform the drama in the style of a Japanese monster movie. Have actors off stage read the dialogue into microphones, and have the actors on stage mouth along – poorly. It doesn’t work for every script, but it’ll work for more than you might think. It’ll make those poorly written comedy scenes twice as funny as they actually are, too.

If all else fails, there’s always mime. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!