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It Can Always Be Worse!

I have a cast that’s been in rehearsals almost 3 months. We think we know where we will be performing, but as yet, we do not know where. It’s frustrating. But I keep reminding myself, it could be worse.

No one has broken an arm tripping over a microphone cord on stage.

No one has lost skin off their face because a well-meaning stage mom used rubber cement instead of spirit gum to attach jewels to her face.

No one has had to run through vomit on stage – repeatedly – in their bare feet.

No one has spoken the name of a certain cursed “Scottish play,” causing a stage door to mysteriously be locked and causing an actress to miss her cue.

There’s no self-absorbed worship leader keeping us off the stage, preventing us from doing a mic check because he’s tuning his guitar (and clearly doesn’t want us on his stage anyway).

And no one has racked up a giant phone bill by using the rehearsal space’s telephone to call the WWF Hotline.

It could alway be worse, and sometimes in the past… it definitely was!