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Miranda Village

Waterstep is an organization that uses patented technology to bring clean water to people in remote, third world locations and anywhere they find a need. I’ve been friends with the leaders at Waterstep going back to the days when they were a youth ministry called Mega Ministries. Over the years, they asked me to create a number of skits and other drama presentations, and a few years back, they asked me to create something very unique.

Waterstep wanted a training program, a simulation to give would-be ambassadors of clean water to practice going into a town, assessing the need for clean water resources, and laying the groundwork for providing such assistance. I created Miranda Village, an interactive, drama-based experience that gave mission workers the chance to practice their new skills and knowledge in a simulated village.

Miranda Village is a fun and engaging way to train your mission teams as well. Using the foundations laid out in the program I created for Waterstep, you can give students and adults the chance to practice the interactions they will experience on the mission field. Following the exercise, a debriefing will not only allow the mission workers to share their experience but get feedback from the actors that can help them when they reach the mission field.

Miranda Village is available from in paperback. You can also download it for free.

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