Welcome to Miranda Village

You won’t find Miranda Village on a map; it’s not there. But it’s a real place where mission workers are able to practice their communication skills in preparation for a real encounter with people in need.

Miranda Village was the brainchild of Righteous Insanity and WaterStep (formerly Edge Outreach), a non-profit based in Louisville, KY dedicated to providing water purification systems to people who have no access to clean water. WaterStep invited mission workers and others to a training conference in 2007 and 2008, where trainees learned about WaterStep’s program and how to introduce it to a community in need. Trainees then practiced their new skills by visiting Miranda, a village staffed by actors who immersed the trainees in a real time, real world simulation.

The basics of the Miranda Village training program are laid out in Righteous Insanity’s e-book, Miranda Village. It’s a free download that you can get at the link below. The original Miranda Village made a second appearance at the 2008 water conference and again in 2009 at a WaterStep fund raiser.

Download the Miranda Village e-book for free.

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