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New Year, New Writers

Righteous Insanity is going to be bringing more amazing resources to the web this year, thanks to the help of some old friends.

Giavanna Signorelli was a student of mine going back to my days with the Dramamaniacs at Northside Christian Church in New Albany. Almost 20 years after we first met at church, we were reunited through an independent film group in Evansville, Indiana. Giavanna is currently writing the second series of our video Bible study Desperately Seeking. She’s also playing a featured role in my upcoming stage production of Morbidman Returns.

Jack and Gretchen Hall were the brains behind the infamous Christian drama site, Sunday School Dropouts. Jack and Gretchen love slaughtering sacred cows and stepping on toes, and the time has come to bring their sense of sarcasm and dark humor back to the web. Look for their posts weekly on the front page as the bring back classics like The Crap Skit, The Christian Person Who Sings Good But We Do Not Idolize Them, and A Hole in The Head.