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Free Skit: A Stupid Acorn

An old favorite of mine is the free skit this week. Share and enjoy!

By John Cosper

THEME: Dying to yourself

An Ant
An Acorn
A Squirrel

[COSTUME NOTE: This can be done very simply by having each character wearing a T-shirt that identifies them as “Ant”, “Acorn”, and “Squirrel.” The Acorn should also wear a beret to signify his “cap.” Of course if you have the budget and want to make real ant, acorn, and squirrel costumes, go for it.]

(The Ant leads the Acorn on stage. The Acorn is covering his eyes.)

ANT- Okay, buddy, open your eyes.
ACORN- (looks) Uh huh. So what’s the big deal, Ant? You promise me some great big surprise, a destiny that could be mine, and all I see are some roots sticking out of the ground.
ANT- Look up, dummy.
ACORN- (looks up the tree) Whoa! That’s… that’s just huge!
ANT- What did I tell you?
ACORN- Wow! That must have taken… well, a million years or so.
ANT- A hundred and twenty and counting.
ACORN- That’s incredible. What do you call this?
ANT- It’s called… a Tree!
ACORN- Wow! Pretty name for it. Tree. Look, it’s got brown stuff.
ANT- That’s called bark.
ACORN- And twisting things hanging off it.
ANT- Those are branches.
ACORN- And pretty green floppy things.
ANT- Those are leaves.
ACORN- And it goes all the way from the roots up to the sky?
ANT- And down quite a way too. Those roots run pretty deep.
ACORN- Man, that is something. Okay, so you said all this could be me some day?
ANT- I surely did.
ACORN- Tell me. Tell me.
ANT- It’s very simple. You gotta find yourself a nice, fertile plot of ground.
ACORN- Fertile ground. Okay.
ANT- Then you crawl in it.
ACORN- Uh, crawl in?
ANT- And bury yourself.
ACORN- What? Oh no, I don’t think that’s possible.
ANT- What? Why not?
ACORN- Look, I may just be a silly little acorn, but I’m nobody’s fool. Dig a hole and bury myself? Huh uh. No way. Got a touch of claustrophobia, not to mention this terrible fear of DYING.
ANT- That’s the way it goes, pal. Unless you fall into the ground and die, you’ll never grow into a giant oak tree. Just look at what awaits you!
ACORN- I don’t know. Thing is I have a pretty good life these days as an acorn. I’m little and cute and I’ve got this sweet little cap on top. Kinda looks like a beret. Makes me feel French, you know?
ANT- Forget the beret! You could be so much more! A tall, beautiful tree reaching to the sky.
ACORN- Yeah, and didn’t you say it took this guy like a hundred years to get there? I don’t think I have the patience for that.
ANT- But this is what you were created for! You weren’t meant to be a stupid acorn with a beret. You were made to grow into a giant tree!
ACORN- Hey, it’s my life, my choice, right? And if I wanna live as an acorn, nothing you can do to change that.
ANT- Fine, whatever. You wanna stay an acorn? Stay an acorn. But mark my words: you’re gonna die one day. Do you want to die later as a rotting acorn, or die now and be all you can be?
ACORN- “Be all you can be”? What are you, and army ant? Hit the bricks, pal. I know what I’m doing.
ANT- All right. Take it easy, Mr. Underachiever.

(The Ant leaves.)

ACORN- Underachiever indeed. Heh!

(The Squirrel enters.)

ACORN- Gosh, that is a beautiful tree. Could that really be me some day?
SQUIRREL- Hey there, Acorn. What’s happening?
ACORN- Oh hey. Just checking out this tree.
SQUIRREL- Wow, that’s a big tree.
ACORN- Yeah. Friend of mine was telling me I could grow into one if I wanted to. But I’m pretty happy just being an acorn.
ACORN- I mean the tree’s cool, sure, but who doesn’t love a cute little acorn?
SQUIRREL- I know I do.
ACORN- See? That’s what I’m talking about.
SQUIRREL- In fact, I was just out looking for acorns.
ACORN- Really?
SQUIRREL- Yeah, yeah. In fact, I, uh, I have a winter home for acorns.
ACORN- Is that so?
SQUIRREL- Sure. You wanna come over for dinner?
ACORN- I’d love to.

(The Squirrel puts his arm around the Acorn. They start to leave.)

ACORN- So what’s for dinner?
SQUIRREL- (laughs) Funny you should ask that question.

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Desperately Seeking… Obedience

Everybody knows somebody like Pete. Whether we like to admit it or not, there’s a little Pete in all of us. Obedience isn’t always easy, but it’s still expected if we want to call ourselves followers of Christ.

Share and enjoy!

First Impressions

What do you think of Pete?

What are some good things we can say about Jenny?

Is there anything that concerns you about Pete?


Of all the characters introduced in this series of videos, no one stirred up more reaction than Pete. Pete’s faith may be genuine, and his love for God real, but Pete is holding back. As much as he wants to be a man of God, there are areas in his life – one in particular – he refuses to surrender to God.

The Bible is very clear on what is good and what is a sin, and the Bible doesn’t forbid anything without reason. Sex was created for a husband and a wife, and there are consequences – spiritual, emotional, and physical – for disobeying God’s commands for sex.

Sex isn’t the only area where Christians try to compromise with God. Sin is sin, and all sin puts a wall between us and the Lord. God wants us to obey him in everything. He wants us to keep our bodies, our hearts, and our minds pure. He wants us to set ourselves apart from the world by our obedience.

Read Daniel 1

What compromises did King Nebuchadnezzar want the Israelite men to make?

Why do you think Nebuchadnezzar insisted the Israelites eat the king’s food and drink his wine?

Why did Daniel and his friends refuse to obey the king?

How do you think the test Daniel and his friends undertook changed the way the king saw Daniel?


Why do you think so many singles have compromised on sex?

Do you think it’s possible to remain pure until you are married? Why or why not?

What are some other temptations that singles struggle with?

How can obeying God make us a good witness to others?

How can we develop the strength and character we need to stay pure?


Dear Jesus,

Forgive us for the compromises we make every day when we give into sin. Purify our hearts, and give us strength when we need it to resist temptation.

In Jesus’ name,

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Free Skit: David Had a Bad Boss

Because we’ve all had one. Share and enjoy.

David Had a Bad Boss
By John Cosper


David – After he killed the giant, but before he was king
A Servant

David walks on stage and speaks to the audience. He should be close enough to the side of the stage that objects can be thrown at him. Objects can include weapons, tools, office equipment, food, whatever you find convenient and easy to toss.

DAVID: Some times it’s hard to believe that God is in control. Especially at work, right? I was talking to my brother Jimmy the other day. He’s an accountant, and his boss is the meanest guy. Complete and total jerk. Makes Jimmy work Saturdays. Makes Jimmy do a ton of reports that have nothing to do with his job. He even makes Jimmy run out and get his coffee every day. But what can Jimmy do? He’s got a family to support, and he doesn’t want to go back to the family business.

David looks off stage. He sees an object of some kind flying at him. He ducks. Then he casually goes on with his talk.

DAVID: Jimmy chose accounting because he got tired of that life. You see, my Dad’s a shepherd, and all of us were taught to be shepherds. From an early age, we had to learn how to lead sheep, how to feed them, care for them. Even how to fend off wolves. It’s not easy to peg a wolf right between the eyes with a stone at the tender age of five, but guess what?

David looks off. He ducks another flying object.

DAVID: It’s part of the job. But that’s any job, right? There are things you like, and there are things you don’t like. But whatever the job, you’re there for a reason. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first, second, third, or even tenth choice for a career. God has a plan, and that plan has led you…

David ducks another flying object.

DAVID: It’s led you to your own place of employment. Believe me, I never expected I would be where I am. I was happy being a shepherd. It’s hard work, but I had a lot of time to do what I loved – song writing. Then one day, me and my mad sling skills take down a giant, and my whole world gets turned upside down. It’s not like it was a big deal. Like I said, I had to take a wolf down at age five. A giant is a much bigger, much easier target. But all of a sudden, I’m a hero. Now I’m living in the palace, working in the army, and serving the king – which is no walk in the park. Don’t get me wrong, I love the king. He even lets me play the harp for him. But he has this annoying habit–

David ducks another object, then another one.

DAVID: He likes to throw things at me. For no reason whatsoever. I’ll be in the middle of a song and all of a sudden, there’s a spear or a rock or an… an avocado flying at my head. And of course I can’t throw things back. Not only is he my boss, he’s the king. I throw back, I’m not just fired. I’m a dead man!

A servant walks on, walking toward David.

DAVID: No, this is not where I saw my life going. Never in my wildest dreams. But as much as I know I’d be happy, sitting on a hill side, watching sheep, and strumming my harp, I know this is the plan God has for me. God put me here with these people, with that boss for a reason.

David ducks another object. As he ducks, the servant gets nailed and drops straight to the ground. David helps him up.

DAVID: You okay?
SERVANT: Yeah. Thanks, man.

The Servant gets up and walks off.

DAVID: It’s not my plan. It’s God’s plan. And while it’s not what I would have wanted… (thinks, pausing for a moment) I don’t smell like sheep poop any more.

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New Fiction Release: Return to Cave World

The exciting sequel to the novel Cave World has arrived!

Jennifer thought life at home was as bad as it could get. That was before she learned she was one of the most wanted women in the galaxy!

Jennifer had long admired her friend Donny’s devotion to writing the next great science fiction saga. She even found his stories about having visited that world amusing. But Donny took things a step too far when he wrote her into his latest tale.

Now, inexplicably, Jennifer finds herself in Donny’s world on the run from a maniacal dictator who sincerely believes this teenage nobody will one day kill him! Driven by a desire to set things right, Donny follows Jennifer back to the Cave World, assembling a team of old heroes and new in the hopes of saving his friend. But in the end, Jennifer must make the choice herself to lay down and quit – or stand up and become her own hero.

Filled with humor, action, and heart, Return to Cave World is an exciting sequel that bridges the Cave World universe with some of John Cosper’s other creations, including Space Kat. It’s a welcome return to a world where any planet in the galaxy is within walking distance. You just have to find the right cave.

Return to Cave World is available in paperback and on Kindle.

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Desperately Seeking… Jesus

Part two of our Desperately Seeking series is below. Watch Michael’s video, then grab your Bible (or pop open Bible Gateway in another window).

Share and enjoy.

First Impressions

What do you think of Michael?

What are some good things we can say about Michael?

Is there anything that concerns you about Michael?


Michael has an interesting job. Seven days a week, he dresses up and pretends to be Jesus. As challenging as that may be, it’s a far cry from the challenge God wants us all to undertake on a daily basis. Michael acts like Christ in a Christian theme park, surrounded by the faithful. We are called to walk like Christ every day in a world that has rejected him.

An actor portraying a real person, on stage or screen, spends a great deal of time studying their role. They read biographies. They watch footage, if footage exists. They look at photographs. They study their subject from every angle to be the best imitation they can be.

Following Christ means we must get to know Jesus. We must study him from every angle. We must learn to see the world as he does and act the way he did.

Read Philippians 2:1-11

How does Paul describe Jesus?

What are some of the distinguishing characteristics of Jesus?

How did Jesus view other people? Whom did he value? Whom did he seek out?

Why did Jesus sacrifice so much?


Do you think we as Christians spend enough time going into the world to live like Christ?

What are some of the biggest obstacles to living like Jesus in the “real” world?

What are some things we can do to live more like Christ at work? At school? In our neighborhoods?

What sacrifices can we make to show others that Jesus loves them?

Is there something we can do as a group to serve others?


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for Jesus and all the sacrifices he made for us. Teach us to be imitators of Christ so that the love of Jesus will shine in our lives.

In Jesus’ name,

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Free Skit: R-Rated Movies

Rated R Movies
By John Cosper

THEME: Serving God

A Bus Driver (Unseen)
Heather- A Christian woman
Beth and Laura- Christian friends with an axe to grind

The setting is a public bus/train/subway. Heather sits in the middle of a 3-seat bench. A driver’s voice is heard over the speaker as Beth and Laura enter, carrying picked signs. The Driver’s voice is heard on a speaker.
DRIVER: Now stopping on Spring Street. Next stop, Elm Street.
Beth and Laura sit.
BETH: I can’t believe we’re doing this.
LAURA: I can’t believe we have to do this.
BETH: You’re right. We shouldn’t be here.
LAURA: They caused this. It wasn’t us.
BETH: And we have to respond.
LAURA: Yes, we have to respond.
BETH: To think that a studio that brought us quality, family films like Doggy Hero and Kittens on Parade would produce a rated R movie?
LAURA: It makes you sick!
BETH: What were they thinking? People like us count on them to provide quality family films!
LAURA: We see all their movies!
BETH: We see them two or three times, and then we buy the Blu-Ray!
LAURA: George and I have started getting the digital copies.
BETH: See, I don’t like that. I want to have the disc in hand. I mean what if the Internet dies out?
LAURA: Oh, but it’s so nice. You don’t have all those movies stacked up on the tables and the shelves.
BETH: I don’t like the clutter either. But since the studio’s decided to produce smut, I guess there won’t be as much going forward!
LAURA: They can’t do this to us! We are not going to accept this!
BETH: Our kids are not seeing this movie!
LAURA: And neither are we!
BETH: Actually I did.
Laura gasps.
BETH: I had to screen it for the website to let everyone know how smutty it is.
LAURA: You are a true saint.
BETH: And now it’s time to be a crusader.
LAURA: Down with smut!
BETH: Down with rated R movies!
LAURA: The church is taking a stand, and the whole world’s going to know!
Pause. Heather looks at Laura and Beth.
HEATHER: Y’all are Christians?
LAURA: Yes we are.
HEATHER: Me too.
LAURA: You must be headed to the theater, huh?
HEATHER: No, no. This is my stop coming up. I’m helping some folks hand out soup and coats to the homeless.
Long pause. The bus comes to a halt. Heather gets up and exits.
DRIVER: Now stopping on Elm. Next stop, Culbertson.
BETH: Well, not everyone has the courage to stand for Jesus.

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Desperately Seeking… What You Need the Most

Desperately Seeking… is a “videvo” series written for single Christians. Long story short, this series was created in response to my discovery that the only websites the Internet had to offer single Christians were dating services. Every Wednesday, for the next six weeks, we will release one of these Bible studies for free. We hope to build an audience of singles and young adults whom we can inspire to go deeper in their Christian walk.

You are not alone, and whatever you current “status” may be, you are not incomplete without a spouse. Not if you have Jesus.

Here’s Desperately Seeking part one, featuring Kristen. Share and enjoy!

First Impressions

What do you think of Kristen?

What are some good things we can say about Kristen?

What “issues” do you think Kristen has?


Kristen is probably a great person, but Kristen is a victim of a system that says if you’re not in a relationship, your life is incomplete. The culture we live in constantly bombards us with messages like this. We hear it in pop music, we see it on TV and in movies, we read about it online, and we hear about it from the people around us.

You would think the church of all places would be a refuge, but often times it is not. Churches are filled with well-meaning, usually married people who have forgotten (or never knew) what a blessing the single life can be. Singleness is a gift. It’s a time of growth, and it’s a time of freedom. Singles have all the time married people can only dream of to learn, to draw closer to God, and to serve others.

Read 1 Corinthians 7

What sort of obligations do married people have that single people do not?

How can these obligations be a hindrance to a person’s spiritual growth?

What advice does Paul give to single people?

What spiritual advantage is there to being single vs. being married?


Based on the scripture we’ve read, what advice would you give to Kristen?

How can we shift our focus from worrying about dating and relationships to growing our faith in God?

How can we devote our single days to serving the Lord?

Have fun with this one: What sort of answers can we give to those well-meaning but misguided believers who think life isn’t complete until we are married?


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the single life you have given us. Help us to remember this time is a blessing so we will not waste it on ourselves. Teach us to love and serve others and give you our best.

In Jesus’ name,

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A Manifesto on Singles Ministry

Ok so here’s the story.

11 years ago when I got engaged for the 3rd time and realized I was finally going to get married, I felt a need to create something for singles, something to leave behind as a legacy to help other singles grow in their faith and not waste their single years pining for love. The Bible makes it very clear single years are not to be wasted and as much as I did in those 13 years, I knew I wasted a lot of energy chasing the wrong things.

At the time I already had 3 websites going and wasn’t sure I wanted to start another. I gave it to God in this way. I said okay, I will search the web. If I find one, just one website that is devoted to helping singles grow in their faith and not just a dating service, I’ll let it go.

I found nothing. Not a darn thing. Every Christian portal with a singles link sent you to a dating site. There was nothing – NOT ONE WEBSITE – to help singles grow their faith. Only dating services.

Now I was furious. I had flashbacks to my college days when no one at church could give me a good answer as to why we didn’t have a program for singles. We had a thriving youth ministry drawing hundreds of kids a week. When you graduated from high school, they shook your hand, said congratulations, and that was it.

Around my junior year of college, they announced they were hiring a singles pastor. I was so excited, I inquired about applying for myself. One of the staff members laughed at me and pulled me aside.

“John, we’re not hiring a college minister. We’re hiring someone for the ‘single again’ crowd. The middle-aged singles.”

“Are they going to do anything for college students?” I asked.

The answer was just one word. “No.”

Couldn’t make it up if I wanted to.

Someone else at the church clued me in on why college/young adults was not a priority. The general attitude among the church leaders was that college kids and young adults were expected to go away, get their education, and come back when they had families. They didn’t care what they did in those intervening years. They were just expected to come back later when they had kids – and income they could give back to the church.

Back to my original story. When I did that exhaustive search of the Internet and found nothing but Christian-branded meat markets, my response was to create a parody dating site called Getyoked featured fake video personals parodying Christian singles and the people who made their lives miserable. We also added videos from a pair of “experts” who also chided singles for not being married and fruitful. It was a blast to create, but it never really took off. I kept it afloat for 8 years before pulling the plug. and I repackaged the best videos into a video Bible study called Desperately Seeking which is posted free on the RI website.

Over the next six weeks, I will be posting these videos here on the blog, complete with the Bible studies written to support them. Beyond that I will be posting more video Bible studies – or “Videvos” – created with a young adult/college/singles audience in mind. Many of these are films already available from RI, including Fluffy and Clive the Zombie, but I have put together a team of friends, former students, and collaborators to ultimately create new content for singles and young adults.

My hope is that in the coming year, we can build a portal here on Righteous Insanity where singles and college kids can find some support for their Christian walk. We also hope that the very few pastors and volunteers out there working with singles can find some resources to use in their ministry.

It is a SHAME that the church spends so much time in kids, teens, and parents while turning a blind eye to young adults. It’s a gamble the church has won more often than not in the past but is losing today. Let’s change that. Let’s make a difference you young people at a time in life when they really need it. Let’s stop shaming them for being single, pushing them into marriage before they are ready, and help them focus on the relationship they need the most – Jesus!

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Everyone Must Slide

This was one of the first videos Righteous Insanity released when we got into film heavily in the early 2000s. Still a great statement about the disagreements that divide churches that should be uniting for the cause of Christ.

Share and enjoy.

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Free Script: The RI Curtain Speech

I had someone email me this week asking about this script, so I thought I would re-post it. This is the curtain speech we used for some time when Righteous Insanity had a touring group out on the road. Share and enjoy!

Righteous Insanity’s Curtain Speech

(Feel free to adapt and use this as it suits your needs.)

SPEAKER- Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is [insert name here], and on behalf of Righteous Insanity we’d like to welcome you to [insert church name here] and tonight’s production, [insert play name here]. Before we begin tonight’s performance, there are a few things we would like to go over.

(An actor walks out on stage.)

SPEAKER- First of all, there is no smoking in this auditorium. We ask this not only for the sake of our other guests, but for your own safety, as failure to comply with this stipulation may result in your being embarrassed by one of our actors who will respond thus.

(The actor starts choking, over-exaggerated, disgusting sounding choking, pointing to someone accusingly as if they are a smoker.)

ACTOR- Murderer!

(The actor flops over dead; then stands back up as the Speaker continues.)

SPEAKER- Secondly, we ask that there will be no flash photography, as this is not only disruptive to our guests, but it generally provokes another adverse reaction from our actors.

(The speaker flashes a flash cube at the Actor.)


SPEAKER- Ugly, isn’t it? Of course if you think that’s bad, you should see what they do when cell phones and beepers go off, so I’d advise you to put those devices on silent mode as well. Furthermore, we ask that there be no food or drink brought into the auditorium. (The speaker tosses an apple at someone in the audience.) Again, ladies and gentlemen, this is for your safety.

(The Actor wrestles the apple away from the audience member.)

ACTOR- Gimme it!! Me so hungry!!

(The Actor starts eating the apple like a rodent, with more food dropping out of his/her mouth than staying in.)

SPEAKER- I might add that our actors are on a strict diet, and therefore we ask that you do not feed them. Do not attempt to pet the actors either, as they are prone to bite.

(The Actor pauses from his apple to bare his teeth.)

SPEAKER- We ask at this time that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with the emergency exits located in the building.

(The Actor turns into a steward/stewardess, doing the airline safety hand gesture routine as the Speaker continues on.)

SPEAKER- The exits are located [point out the exits]. We’d also ask that you make sure all safety belts are fastened. To fasten the belt, please insert the flat piece into the larger, and adjust the strap. If you need to get up for any reason, pull on the lever, and the strap will come lose. If this theater should become submerged in water, your seat cushion will act as a flotation device. And if the theater should become depressurized, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. To put on the mask, simply pull the hose to it’s full length to start the flow of oxygen, secure the mask around your face with the elastic, and breathe normally. Of course if you’re too scared to breathe normally, you can always scream like a little girl.

(The Actor screams like a little girl to demonstrate.)

SPEAKER- If you have small children, we’d ask that you secure your own mask first and let the little brats fend for themselves. Our performance today will last approximately an hour. If at the end of regulation the play should end in a tie, then we will go into sudden death overtime.

(Gunshot from the rear of the auditorium. The Actor grabs his/her chest, falls dead. Stage hands come out and drag the body off.)

SPEAKER- And now, ladies and gentlemen, Righteous Insanity proudly presents, [insert show name].