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Scotty Love: Guard Your Heart

Week seven of the Scotty Love series is all about guarding your heart. That pesky little rule about purity of thought doesn’t end when you get married, guys. Share and enjoy!

Guard Your Heart
Key Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:12-20, Matthew 5:27-28.


What’s your favorite guilty pleasure food?

Do you have a guilty pleasure movie or TV show? What is it? What is it about that movie/show you love?

What other guilty pleasures do you enjoy?


As Christians we know that Jesus has paid the price for our sin, but Paul urged the early church not to take their forgiven status for granted. The blood of Christ doesn’t give us a license to sin. Jesus wants us to be transformed from the inside out. Keeping our insides cleaned requires us to put a filter on all we bring into our hearts.

It’s harder than ever to keep our hearts pure because technology has made sinful material so much easier to access. Hardcore porn is available free of charge, 24/7, on any device. Many men truly believe that anything other than the physical act of adultery is acceptable, but Jesus doesn’t give us that option. (Matthew 5:28.) We need to guard our hearts and minds, and that starts by guarding our eyes and ears.


Read 1 Corinthians 6:12-20

What does Paul mean when he says everything is permissible but not beneficial?

What does Paul say about our bodies?

What does God want our bodies for?

Re-read verse 15, then read Matthew 5:27-28.

How do these verses re-define the sin of adultery?

Why is it important that we not merely avoid the physical act of adultery but avoid lusting in our minds?

Do you think sinful thoughts lead to sinful actions? Why or why not?


Honesty time: how many of you have seen porn on the Internet, either intentionally or by accident?

How many of you have intentionally looked for porn on the Internet or other outlets? How quickly can you find it if you want it?

Has pornographic material had an impact on your relationships with women? How so?

Many of the women and men involved on porn sites are not there because they want to be. They are overseas, where laws are different, and they are forced to do such work. Those that work in this country are often victims of abuse, many have addictions to drugs and alcohol, and many suffer from STDs. How does patronizing such material perpetuate the suffering of these people and others trapped in the sex trade?

When are you the most tempted to look at something pornographic?

Have any of you used any filters or other safeguards to help avoid that temptation?

What can we do to keep each other accountable so that we will not be tempted to sin?


Anyone who believes porn is a victimless, private affair is deceiving themselves. Over time porn can lead to a lack of satisfaction with your wife, and it can lead you to cross over to the physical act of adultery.

What’s more, porn helps to fuel the multi-billion dollar sex industries around the world including porn, prostitution, and sex slavery. When we give our money or just our time to porn, we are not merely committing adultery. We are just as guilty to exploiting those trapped in sex slavery as those who put them there.

Make a commitment to keep your heart and mind pure. Do it for God, and for your spouse. Do it for those who are held captive in a life they can’t escape. When the temptation comes, pray for God to give you strength, and pray for God to end the sex trade for good.


Dear God,

Forgive us for giving our bodies and minds over to sin. Teach us to be strong, to run to you when we are tempted. Help us keep our minds and bodies pure. We pray too for those trapped in sex trafficking. We ask you to bring an end to sex trafficking, and we ask that you will use us to educate others about this horrible crime.

In Jesus’s name,