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Scotty Love: Talk to Your Kids

The Scotty Love Show wraps up with episode 10, and a lesson on how to talk to your kids. One of these dads has it right. You be the judge. Share and enjoy!


Speak Up!
Key Scripture:


When it’s election year, are you one of the quiet ones, or do you love to argue?

What other topics can get you going on a soap box? Movies you love or hate? Music? TV? Books?

How many of you have at least one good friend whom you completely disagree with on either religion or politics? How do you make that friendship work?


Back in the 80’s, President Ronald Reagan spent most of his days battling over the issues with Speaker of the House Tip O’Neil. When the day was over, O’Neil would visit the White House to drink whiskey, tell jokes, and sing some old Irish songs.

You’d be hard pressed to find people in today’s America that can bury the hatchet like Reagan and O’Neil. The prevailing attitude seems to be, “If you disagree with me, you hate me, therefore, we can’t be friends.” State the “wrong” opinion on anything from abortion to pop music and your Facebook friend list might drop 20% in a day!

Jesus wants us to speak the truth, as written in his Word. He wants us to share it with our kids, our neighbors, our world. It’s not easy speaking a truth the world doesn’t want to hear, but the answer isn’t to fudge our way around it. We need to speak the truth, and we need to do so with love.


Ephesians 4:14-15

Why is speaking the truth a necessary part of Christian maturity?

Do you think you have to water down the truth to speak in love? Why or why not?

Luke 9:23-26

What does it take to be a disciple of Christ?

What does Jesus say to those who refuse to speak out against the ways of the world?

Why would Jesus be so harsh in holding those who stay silent accountable?

If we do not speak out, what’s at stake? Why does Jesus want us to tell this rebellious world what he has to say?


How easy is it for you to discuss these topics:
The Environment?
Creation vs. Evolution?
Christianity vs. other faiths?

Have you ever lost a friend over something you or they said about something you believe?

Have you ever felt like the only person in the room that believed differently than everyone else? How did that feel?

Parents: What topics are hardest for you to discuss openly with your kids? Why do you feel so squeamish about those subjects?

Why doesn’t God give us the option of staying silent?
Why is it so critical to share the truth directly with our kids?

How can we speak the truth with boldness and love, knowing we may lose friends over it?

How can we support one another when one of our group has to speak out on a difficult subject?


The Bible says to consider it pure joy when we are persecuted as Jesus was. That’s easier said than done. No one feels joy when they get unfriended in cyber space or worse, when someone tells us to our face they no longer wish to hear from us. We can’t control how people respond to the gospel, but that doesn’t give us an out. Jesus gave us his Word to share with others. We are his hands and feet, and we are the only ones who can continue to speak the truth. Let us speak boldly, and let us speak with love. The world doesn’t want to hear it, but they will never know how badly they need it unless we do speak up!


Dear God,

Forgive us for hiding in the shadows. Give us the courage to speak up. Give us friends to support us when we share your truth. And when we speak, help us to always do so in love. Use us to share your truth with a world that needs it.

In Jesus’s name,