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Scotty Love: The Single Life

This week on The Scotty Love Show, Scotty weighs in on being single. Share and enjoy!

Flying Solo
Key Scripture: 1 Corinthians 7:32-35


Married guys: What are some things you miss about being single? (Things that you could do before but rarely/never do now.)

Single guys: What are the things you least enjoy about being single?

Married guys: How many of you wish you’d enjoyed your singleness more when you had it and taken more advantage of that freedom you had?


Every church has a different way of handling singles. Some churches offer them special programs. Many don’t. Many of those who offer programs do so to help singles hook up and find their perfect helpmate, but is that truly what God wants the church to do for singles?

Paul had some sharp words for singles, and for those who see singles as “incomplete.”  Single people are better able to respond to the call of the Lord. They have no attachments and no familial obligations that would keep so many married people from answering the call of God. They are better suited for missions, here and abroad, and for ministries that demand a great deal of the folks who undertake them.

Singles need Jesus more than anything else. They need spiritual encouragement more than they need a soulmate. Let’s take an honest look at how we and our church view singles and see if God might have us change the way we treat his singles.


Read 1 Corinthians 7:32-35

What are some of the arguments you’ve heard for getting married young?

What are some of the negatives about getting married young?

Married guys: Why do you think married people are so inclined to want to “pair up” their single friends?

Single guys: How does it make you feel when someone comes up and offers to hook you up with the “perfect” person?

Married guys: What are some things you can’t do for the Lord because you are married?

Single guys: Are there any ministry activities you couldn’t do if you were married?

Single guys: What are some of the temptations you face as a single person that make it harder to follow God?

Married guys: Have those temptations decreased, stayed the same, or increased since you got married?

Single guys: What are some things you wish your married friends understood about you and being single?

Married guys: Are there any lessons you learned from singleness or married life you’d like single guys to know?

How is our church serving the needs of singles?

Are we lifting them up spiritually, are we just facilitating a “meat market,” or are we leaving them to their own devices?

Why do you think so many churches neglect the spiritual growth of single people?

How can we as a church better meet the spiritual needs of singles?

How can we as a group encourage the single men in our group and the rest of our church?


God has a plan for every stage of our lives. That includes being married and having a family, and the time that comes before – being single.

If you’re married, don’t be the guy who convinces God’s servant to rush into something ahead of God’s time. And if you’re single, don’t be rushed by peer pressure or loneliness. Commit your heart to the Lord. Serve where he leads. Be content to wait on his choice for you. And be nice to your married friends. They do mean well, even if they are misguided.


Dear God,

Thank you for the way you speak to us at every stage of our lives. Bless the singles in our group and in our church. Help our singles to stay focused on you, and help our married couples to encourage singles to keep you first in their lives.

In Jesus’s name,