The Scotty Love Show

The Scotty Love Show is not your ordinary guy’s Bible study. Each week starts with an episode of The Scotty Love Show, where Scotty shares his own unique brand of Biblical wisdom. The videos serve as a jumping off point for some serious Bible study, where young men will be challenged to become more like Christ, and – God willing! – nothing at all like Scotty Love!

I created the Scotty Love Show as a way to engage with men who weren’t your typical Bible study guys. Since that time, I’ve come to see there’s a real need for men who take their faith seriously. Churches and families are being torn apart by men who do not take their marriage vows or their commitment to Chris seriously. We need men who will commit to be faithful husbands, loving parents, and humble servants in their churches and communities. This is a great tool for helping guys¬†become the kind of men God wants them to be.

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Small Groups

The Good Listener



How to Judge Others

The Single Life

Purity of Heart


Praying for You

Talk to Your Kids