Desperately Seeking

Inspired by the old video personals, Desperately Seeking… is a fun study for college students and single young adults designed to encourage their spiritual growth. This isn’t all about preparing for marriage; it’s about discovering the gift of singleness and living the life God has planned for you right now.

Each lesson begins with a “video personal” to get the conversation started before delving into the scripture. You’ll meet Miriam, the Bible college student laden with debt; Michael, who plays Jesus at a Christian amusement park; Jenny, who is seeking her best life now; Doug, who is a little too obsessed with a certain popular book series; Kristen, who is truly desperate; and Pete, who is…. well, Pete’s a little different.

Desperately Seeking… is a free download. All videos are linked below.

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Watch the “Video Personals”

Kristen: Desperately Seeking

Michael: Seeking Jesus

Pete: Seeking Obedience

Miriam: Seeking Responsibility

Doug: Seeking Compatibility

Jenny: Seeking God’s Best