Videvos: Bible Studies for Young Adults and Singles

What’s a Videvo? A video-based Bible study that begins with a short comedy film and ends with a discussion about going deeper in our faith.

Righteous Insanity is committed to providing some amazing resources for singles and young adults that we hope will inspire and encourage their Christian walk. Please read and share our manifesto on singles ministry, and check out the free resources below.

Clive the Zombie – A video series with a tie-in Bible study starring Clive the Zombie puppet. Yes, we’re serious!


Desperately Seeking – A six part series for singles who are sick of the nosy ladies at church telling them to join Christian Mingle.

Fluffy – A trilogy of shorts starring the cute and fuzzy creature from outer space with the big blue eyes and button nose who will eat your face off and pick its teeth with your toes.

The Scotty Love Show – A hilarious series just for the guys. Scotty is the kind of guy who thinks he knows everything and loves to share this wisdom with everyone. In short, he’s exactly the kind of Christian no one wants to be when they “grow up!”

Videvos: From the Vault – 14 Bible studies based on Righteous Insanity’s short films, including Desperate Housewives of the Bible, Devil Girl of Venus, and The Ubergeek Bible.